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Kathy's Bio

Official iBT TOEFL Monitor

Licensed in Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Assessment

ESL Certified

Certified in Cultural Detective, an Intercultural Strategy Tool

Designed Programs
Worked or studied in six countries
Long-term home hosting for international guests
Emory University Continuing Education:  Business ESL Certification
Resided in Sao Paulo for seven years
Teacher in Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, & Guatemala
GlobalAtlanta- “English for Specific Purposes”
Hosted a total of 22 nationalities  from Mongolia to Chile
“English for Busy Professionals” seminars at Troy University Atlanta
Cross-cultural Trainer & conducted Business ESL classes for corporations
Study Abroad student in The Netherlands & Spain
Channel 11 – “International Students at Troy University Atlanta”
Over 60 guests 
The first Troy University Spanish program for Georgia
Contributing writer for a training video, “Working in Brazil” for RW3 Cultural Wizard
Traveled extensively to over 40 countries
Business Radio with Ron Camacho – “Troy University’s International Endeavors & Locations”
For the last 15 years
Stand alone ESL program at AIU
Elementary Teacher at Escola Graduada 
Resided for a total of  ten years overseas
AIU Info-commercial  “Students in Online Education”

Business ESL seminars for JP Morgan Bank in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Liaison between AIU & Brazilian guest speaker Benedita da Silva, the first African-Brazilian female senator, former   governor in Rio de Janeiro

RW3 Cultural Wizard – a magazine article, “Working with Brazilians”

Numerous individualized programs
Active in Brazilian endeavors in Atlanta

Korean Radio Atlanta – “Troy University International Programs in Atlanta”

Assessment Tools
Awards and Publications
BA in Education from Michigan State University in East Lansing
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Cultural Detective Facilitator 
Society for Intercultural Education, Training, & Research (SIETAR)
American Society for Training & Development (ASTD): Professional Practice Area, The Achievement of the Month, Chapter Achievement of the Month, & Partners in Education Recognition
MA in Education  from Lesley College in Cambridge, Mass.
Licensed in Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
Board Member for the “Atlanta-Rio de Janeiro Sister City Committee” (ARJSCC)
Troy University: Global Communications Award & Friendly Trojan Award
Graduate Studies in Linguistics, Spanish, & Conflict Management from East Texas State University and Nova Southeastern University
Official iBT TOEFL Monitor
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce (BACC)
American Intercontinental University (AIU):  Business Faculty Excellence, Lightning Strikes, Distinguished Faculty, & Nominated for Faculty Excellence

Public Notary
Steering Committee for “The Atlanta Interculturalist Group"
Publish two ongoing series in Linkedin Pulse: "Building Bridges, NOT Walls"/"Cross-culture Communication: Lessons Learned"

Georgia Council for International Visitors (GCIV) 

Publish poetry at various venues, including "Reach for a Song 2015" state of Georgia  Anthology of poems

Poet Laureate 2015-2016 for a church

International Club & Leadership Sandy Springs 2016

Enhancing global communication through Intercultural Competence and English as a Second Language

Intercultural English Services, Inc.

Intercultural English Services:

A Brief Introduction about Founder and President, Kathy Ellis, M.Ed.

Kathy was born and raised in small town, USA.  Discovering a whole new world during her high school exchange program to The Netherlands, Kathy became smitten by cultures and languages. Kathy has been working with people from all parts of the world for over 30 years and resided a total of 10 years in six countries. Kathy has worked in international schools and universities and numerous destination services. Kathy speaks an intermediate level of Spanish and Portuguese with plans to learn some German. 

Contact us now at: 
Office telephone: 404-414-2538
Email: interculturalenglishservices@gmail.com
Website: www.interculturalenglishservices.com
Skype: kat.ellis4, Linkedin, Facebook

IES is an international training and consulting organization that concentrates on intercultural communication nuances across national borders and utilizes USA English and professional skills for second language speakers. IES travels to your workplace and other locations. IES offers personalized seminars, courses, and tutoring with a wide range of resources and technology.  IES provides the effective communication tools needed for positive change, enabling you and your employees to feel more confident, productive, and content, both professionally and personally. Enhancing core competency skills makes a world of sense.

We start by building upon what people already know through a continuum of strategies to enhance deeper self awareness, understanding, and acceptance so that, we, as human beings, are able to fully appreciate, celebrate, and collaborate on our world differences whether at work, play, or in our personal selves. 

Enhancing Intercultural Communication & ESL Skills