• Prepare you for job interviews,  Test of English as a Foreign Language  Internet-based Test ( TOEFL iBT) and  Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC)
  • Tutor specialized ESL at all levels
  • ​Design curricula and customized programs for industry-specific English communication skills

Private and Group Sessions available!

Note: Licensed in Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) profile assessment – measures intercultural competency skills for individuals, teams, training design, intervention, and research. http://idiinventory.com/
  • ​Atlanta/USA/Brazil/ Latin America orientations
  • General intercultural communication  
  • Basic team-building seminars
  • Resources and referrals for other intercultural-related training, translation, and interpretation services

​Certified in Cultural Detective Facilitation https://www.culturaldetective.com/

Official iBT TOEFL Monitor

Licensed in Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Assessment

ESL Certified

Certified in Cultural Detective, an Intercultural Strategy Tool

Intercultural Communication Services:

ESL Services:

We share our passion through a blend of language skill building and professional skill development, providing enjoyment throughout the process of acquiring proficiency in English and effectively interfacing in the USA workplace and with other cultures.

Enhancing global communication through Intercultural Communication Competence and English as a Second Language

Intercultural English Services, Inc.

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  • Provide USA-style Business English/Professional skills for intermediate to advance non-native English speakers  

Enhancing Intercultural Communication & ESL Skills